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There have been some hurtful words thrown in my direction from time to time, and one of my greatest faults is that I tuck those words away to savor at a later date.  Sometimes, they just get pulled out without me even trying.  I know, would that we were all so blessed…

Most recently, I was recalling a time when someone told me I wasn’t emotionally healthy.  (This gem was from over 4 years ago-I know, you’re jealous of my recall…) This was a person I was not particularly close with, who had no real permission to speak into my life in this manner.  I was so upset, and was talking to my husband about it and he offered me some wisdom. “Laura, we are only so critical of others when we think we’ve arrived.  And the thing is, none of us have.  All of us are in process.  We are pressing onward toward the goal, having not yet reached it.”  He prayed over me, called the spiritual attack out for what it was, but what he said stuck with me the most.

How often am I critical of others, and how rooted that is in pride…in thinking I am somehow superior in some way.  “I just read this book on _______ and now I will teach you, young grasshopper, in the ways you should go.”

We think we’ve got it all together, don’t we?  I wish we could all just admit what messes we are and offer grace to each other.  Sometimes we withhold grace, because we don’t want to be taken advantage of.  Certainly, that can happen.  But I will speak for myself and say that when I have been offered true grace, I have appreciated that friendship even more.