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Alright, fellow moms.  Here’s my confession… I do not love the play date.  I have so much anxiety surrounding the play date.  I’m good with family hang outs, cousins spending time together…but other people’s kids make me a little nervous.  I think it’s because I have no idea what their norm is and so I’m afraid ours is totally weird.

I have texted these words to my husband when he’s away and the kids have friends over…

Me: I hate when the kids have friends over and you’re not here!  You’re the normal parent!

Hubs: You are a rockstar.  Love you!

Well, thanks.  Sigh.

Also, I do not love a coffee shop without a drive-thru.  I have three wonderful kids. Mull this over.

Also, glitter.  Glitter either makes me THE BEST MOM EVER or an absolute monster.  When I say yes to glitter, the heavens open and unicorns and angels descend.  When I say no to glitter, actual fire shoots from my youngest daughter’s eyes.  Then there is wailing and more fire.

Finally, let’s talk food.  Do you know that it is an actual scientific fact that once your kids say they love something and you buy it, they start hating it?  Actual factual, my friends.

Here’s to you on your Saturday.  What are your inconsequential problems on this fine day?