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A few months ago, I quit Facebook.

This has not changed the shape of anyone’s world, I know, but I’ve had some people ask why so I thought I would try to explain it here.  My husband thought I should post some last status of sorts, letting folks know I was deactivating my account, but I always feel like that just attracts more attention than it needs to.  So I shut it down.

Personally, I had been going through a rough season. And where Facebook used to be a fun distraction,  it became something else.  I am a super sensitive person.  I know this.  And the 2016 political season had been rough.  So many people I love sharing their views and hurling them at each other like grenades.  So many issues I was passionate about, and article sharing was over the top.  The end of 2016 into 2017 put a finer point on the discomfort I had been feeling for some time…true community was not ever going to be found online, and true discussions are best had face-to-face.

So I did what I had been encouraging others to do-I logged off to lean in.  It’s been a welcome change.  I’m sure I’m missing out on some things, but guess what … I’ll never know!  I’m enjoying not seeing someone for the article they’ve posted but for the person they are, created in the image of God.  A little bit of mystery is good, you know?  I don’t need to know everyone’s home renovation schedule or their family strife or their political viewpoint.  If I do know that about anyone, I want it to be someone I can sit with and talk with and really listen to.

Clearly this is not for everyone, but it was a step I knew God was urging me to take.  I’m so glad I listened.