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It’s been a busy season here at our place.  My husband’s been away a lot for work lately but this week is much slower.  I was ready to head out for my daily walk this morning, get myself going… but the sofa and another cup of coffee beckoned.  And I listened.



I had a list a mile long today (well, at least 5 lines long…) but the clouds and the drudgery left me feeling a little un-energetic.  Not even the sofa and two cups of coffee could help.  So, I told myself it was ok to leave some things for another day (wise stewardship, I like to think).  Our 4 year old and I delivered some treats to friends and family and ended up at my family farm, exploring the acres on the golf cart.  It was just what I needed, and our sweet girl, too.  She snuggled me and squeezed my arm and we scooted past the beehives, talking about the new calf we’re getting next week.  “Because it will make good burgers, mommy.  And you know I love burgers.”

We came home around lunchtime and she settled in for a nap.  I made myself a nice lunch and started working on my list.

You know what I know to be true?  I approached that list with a lighter heart and a better attitude than if I would have made myself plow through it early this morning.  I would have missed snuggles with my girl, coffee with my brother and my parents, and the indescribable scent of the mountains in the springtime.

I am glad for rest, you guys.  Sometimes, when that little voice asks you to just sit a spell?Listen to it.