Well, friends. When someone calls on Thursday and a random beach weekend is offered, take it. Even if it’s cold and rainy, take it. We’re thankful today for the family and friends who stepped in to take care of our duties at home to make this happen! 

Also, a question… how old is too old to sport sweet thrift store t-shirts? I’ve been feeling lately like I need to dress a little better but I also love a quirky tee that only costs 75¢…

Are there any other families out there that consist of all girls? It’s difficult to find one, and let me just say that no one really understands unless they live it. My husband is a champion. 

Last night our whole gang went to a nice place for dinner, a place we go every time we come to the beach. We had 7 adults and 8 children (ages 1-11). We were there for 2 1/2 hours (slooooow service). Can I just say that these kids were amazing? No meltdowns, and lots of grown-ups engaging with them and taking turns walking them around. I was so proud.

Happy weekend! Say yes to some rest if you can.