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Here’s why I like a rainy Saturday… no sports.  I love sports.  Well, watching them anyway.  But I also love when a day opens up and we have no plans and we can just lounge and drink coffee and let the kids watch cartoons.

Here’s what I’m thinking about this Saturday…

Tattoos. I always think I want one, and then I think about the pain.  So then I think, what will be worth the pain and what will I never grown tired of explaining to people and what will I not mind when I am an old, old woman.  I feel like I want a one-word inscription.  Any more and I would probably die.  I have a cousin who is an ER physician and has had multiple surgeries and goes skydiving and she told me that she almost bit a hole in that little flap of skin between her thumb and forefinger when she got a tattoo.  So this gives me pause.  But if I was to get one, I think I would like it to say “daughter.”  And I would want it on the inside of my forearm.

Also, I have it in my mind to make this cool planter for our back patio… I saw one for sale for $65 and thought that I could maybe make it for about free.  It was an old wooden step ladder with random small drawers screwed into the rungs.  At first I thought herbs would be good and then I thought who am I kidding.  So, likely some plants that will grow and cascade.

Guess what I asked for for Mother’s Day?  Factory floor mats for our “new” minivan.  It’s not brand new but it is by far the nicest thing we’ve ever owned.  I keep thinking someone is going to come and tell me it was all a mistake and take it away.  When I’m driving and I can answer a phone call with a touch on a screen on my dash I think, “Well look at me.  Aren’t I an adult?!”  Anyway, I want to keep it clean and nice and we think our girls are old enough to do this!  Today we are ordering some nice, new floor mats and I am tickled.

In honor of my own mama, I need to say… I am slowly turning in to her.  She has bird feeders out the wazoo at her house and talks to her mockingbirds and feeds all of the things as if they are her own.  We are up to six feeders of various kinds around here (I keep telling myself they’re for my husband’s grandparents to enjoy-we live with them-but who am I kidding). I understand, mom.  I am becoming a bird lady too.