So, this is for the ones exhausting themselves with the trying.   I know you.  It’s like my friend Miranda sings it, “I can judge the cover ’cause I wrote the book.”  (Did you know Miranda Lambert and I are close and personal friends.  No?  Neither does she.  Don’t judge.) I am a recovering try-so-hard-til-it-hurts-and-then-try-harder person.  Here’s what I am learning…

In the trying, you miss the people.  You miss who matters because you’re trying to matter.  You are not as important as you think.  I wish someone would have been able to say that to me.  Maybe they tried, maybe I didn’t hear it.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that we think the trying is actually FOR everyone else.  We think we’re doing all of this stuff so that others will be pleased with us.  But then they don’t really get to see us and we don’t really get to see them and so what in the name is the actual point of all of the trying?

All of our trying is deeply entrenched in pride.  If we try because we are searching for significance, there is pride at the root.  If we try because we feel all too significant, there is pride there too.  Either way, when our motivation is self, it will never be sustainable.

When we see ourselves in light of who God is and who He has made us to be, things shift.  We can celebrate our gifts, but not trumpet them.  We can be honest about our weaknesses, but not become a slave to them.

Trying is trying.  It gets old and we get exhausted.  Instead of straining like a leashed birddog, what if we just decided to rest?  In who He is, in who we are.  Maybe THAT is worth a try.