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I have a message waiting from my doctor in my patient portal. This may be important. I will not know anytime soon. I forgot my password. And I already forgot my password and had to call in for the new 15 digit code to unlock my portal and so I don’t really feel like doing it again. It’s slightly embarrassing. But here’s my deal with passwords. I hate them.

I know why we need them. I get why they’re important. On my own, I am probably supposed to have about 15 different passwords memorized or written down somewhere the Kremlin can’t find them (which means neither could I, let’s just be real). There’s also my three children and the various passwords they need for all of the websites for fun AND for school. I’ve lost the school grading site password already and guess what… did it again. But it’s May so I feel like it’s not a big deal?

I recognize there are major things happening in this world. I know my password situation is not actually the biggest deal ever. But here’s the thing-I can’t really read about all of the big things because I CANNOT FIND MY TWITTER PASSWORD AND THAT IS WHERE I READ UP ON ALL OF THE THINGS. I know I could probably go to some news site but then I wouldn’t get all of the humorous narrative I get from the tweeters.

If this blog ever disappears, it’s because the Kremlin found my password or I lost it. Either way, it’ll all be over.