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I am a nurturer.  This is evident by the grand plans I have to place bird feeders every 15 feet around the nearly 2 acres we live on.  My philosophy is that I will nurture and care for anyone and everything that is in my world.  In theory, that is a lovely philosophy.

In theory, I want to be able to care for kids in foster care.  In reality, we are done with actual foster care and adoption.  Why?  Because I cannot mother all of the children.  I can, though, continue to speak at training for our agency and help incoming foster parents have a clear picture of what life can be.  I can also lend a listening ear to foster mamas, take them a meal, and offer to help with childcare.

In theory, I want to be able to offer safe haven to a refugee family.  In reality, we cannot open our home right now.  I can, however, send money to agencies like Preemptive Love Coalition.  See what I’m getting at?

I used to want to help everyone and I really did try.  But I came to learn (rather slowly) that everyone feels a little short-changed when you live like that, even my husband and kids.

I may not be able to go to every march I want to, or even share every opinion I want to.  But I can love my family.  I can know that there are three girls who are watching their mama, hearing her concerns, and seeing how she chooses to spend her time and money. When we were given the opportunity to live with my husband’s grandparents and care for them, there were several reasons we said yes. We wanted to show our kids what family should look like, and we also saw it as yet another step we could take to bring the kingdom of God to where He has placed us.

I have seen the litany of blog posts on platform and influence.  My gut tells me that the very best platform I will ever have is right here in my home.  It’s in my kitchen when I’m helping my kids with homework.  It’s in the living room where my husband and I are disagreeing.  It’s in the backyard when I choose how to interact with my neighbors.  I recognize that I have the luxury of being able to say this.  There are not millions looking to me for my thoughts, and likely only a few will read this.  But I will close this laptop and go back to my family and love them and thank God for the immense platform He has given me.  I write because I must, not because I want followers.  Good grief.  I want Jesus to have followers, and if my writing causes people to seek, then that’s it right there.

I may never be given a stage other than the one I have right now, and that is beautiful.  I just want to love my husband, love my kids.  I want to be a good friend to the people who are in my circle.  I want to be a steady daughter and daughter-in-law.  I want to be faithful to those who are in the body of believers I am in.  And if there is any room for anything else, it will be God who makes it.