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I am a super opinionated person.  This has gotten me in trouble a time or twenty.  I’ve learned some things via my mistakes, and I’d like to share them here.

Restraint.  Restraint. Restraint.  Here’s the thing, and maybe this is the first time you’ve heard it…  not every opinion you have needs to be shared.  Did you know this?  Did you know that when you are on Facebook and someone shares an article, you do not have to share said article?  Even if it makes your heart beat faster and makes the point you yourself have been DYING to make to all of the people who just need to be informed, you can choose to simply enjoy the article and move forward.  I know.  Revolutionary.

I think the best arena in which to share opinions happens to be within the context of relationship.  Sitting down, face to face, having a conversation.  This is uncomfortable.  And there are people like myself who think better when they have some time to process. I understand.  Really.  But sometimes awkward just needs to happen.  That is actual life.

I have failed miserably in this particular area of life, so I feel qualified to tell you these things.  Sharing your every opinion outside the context of actual relationship can reduce you to a caricature in the eyes of many.  You become known as the person who supports _____  instead of who you really are, a whole person.  Check your motivation.  Oftentimes, my motivation was selfish-wanting to prove someone else wrong, or needing to feel known in some way.  When I realized I was putting my own rightness ahead of what was really important, I knew I had to rethink some things.

Because I love Jesus, I want nothing to get between another person and the knowledge of what Christ has done for them.  There are important times to share an opinion, but I need to make sure that when I do so, I am bearing in mind the significance of my words and how they may affect another’s view of Him.  We may differ politically or theologically, but at the end of the day, we each bear the image of God.  I want to treat others with respect, and I want to be treated with respect.

So, there you have it…my opinion on opinions.  We all have them, and that’s ok.  But let’s not forget to bear in mind what our true goal and purpose is.