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Oh my goodness, you guys.  It’s May.  And I feel like May should be all about easing into summer but it turns out May is about cramming everything in before the summer comes and filling out the paperwork for all of the things we’ve signed our kids up for. MY BRAIN IS FRIED.

By February, my kids were putting permission slips on the table with the spots circled where I was supposed to sign and our oldest was even giving me the two-day warning.  So May is a real treat.

To be fair, our life is kind of nutty as it is.  There’s my husband’s ministry stuff, the kids and their sports stuff, caring for my husband’s grandparents, and also…homework and forms and then also laundry and cleaning and doctor things.  I would like a person who funnels all of the things for me and only places in front of me what absolutely needs my attention.

Anyway, I’m just ready for the break.  I’m ready for kids who don’t need to deal with social stuff and academic stuff all of their days.  They are so much happier over the summer, and that makes ME happy.

Summer will come with it’s own challenges…our girls tend to thrive with some loose structure and clear expectations, so I’ll have to figure that out.  Three sisters who are super opinionated can also get, shall we say, fiery? We have some workbooks waiting for them, a few camps, a few vacations, and some church commitments.  I think that’ll be enough, but not too much.

What are your summer go-to’s?  Are you going to love or loathe the break?  Tell me!  Maybe we can share ideas.