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I believe that we are created by a God who loves us, one Who has created us with gifts and talents, and that no two of us are alike.  I think that He delights in our uniquenesses, and knows just how to use our quirks for His glory.

We, on the other hand, love to strive for sameness.  We love to try to fit everyone into our boxes and slap our labels on them.  It’s easier to deal with life if everyone fits where they’re supposed to and stays there.  Boxing each other up isn’t fair to anyone.

What if we lived life unboxed?  What if we chose to see the different people God has placed around us as divine appointments instead of inconveniences or arguments to be won? I know that we are all limited.  We can’t parse out the heart motivation of everyone we come in touch with.  But what I’m suggesting is, what if we give them the benefit of the doubt?  What if we choose to turn off the critical thinking?  Something I’ve learned recently is that critical thinking turns into a critical spirit very quickly if we’re not careful. Put away your label maker.  Shove that packing tape in the drawer.  Try to see people just as they are.  We can’t scan them like a grocery item at the self-checkout, so we do we keep on trying?

We are trying to raise our girls this way, and mercy, is it hard.  I see how against the grain it is-it is absolutely against human nature to love on a whole person.  It is easy to judge and only see so far.  On our own?  Impossible.  I know this may sound trite, but it really is only through God that we can do this.  I need to ask Him to give me His eyes.  I need to ask Him to give me His heart.  Every day, every hour, every minute.

Life is complicated, yes, but oh so rich when we see beyond the surface.  It takes more time.  My husband and I often say that ours is a slow-moving ship.  We have intentionally not chosen the streamlined life, and we’ve made plenty of mistakes as we’ve gone.  But we wouldn’t trade it for anything.