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Well, our oldest is in middle school.  She’s off on a weekend with the youth group at Creation, a Christian music festival.  Josh (my husband) happens to be the middle school pastor at our church so I am very comfortable with this whole scene.  Perhaps a tad too comfortable?  Another parent I am friends with was having a very hard time allowing her 11 year old to go while I was all like, “One kid down!”  Part of me thinks I would still be ok with it, even if Josh wasn’t going to be there…

We had a few curveballs thrown our way this week with our other two kiddos.  I felt like things were all settled and good but it looks like we have a few ongoing things that require some extra attention, and now we’re journeying down a long road with those things.  Nothing the would make anyone weep, just things that require some lifestyle changes and more appointments.  I’m really thankful for our new-to-us van right now, which will make all of these appointments easier for me.  Now that we have an operable CD player, we can borrow all of the Adventures in Odyssey episodes from the library.  All the praises for that and for Whit and the crew. (This may sound terrible, but consider the alternative, which is a child who now likes to “channel surf” when we drive.  NO THANK YOU MA’AM.)

I listened to Shauna Niequest’s podcast for the second time this week and I have to say, I am such a fan.  This was not shocking to me, of course, because I love her books.  But hearing her talk with Tsh Oxenreider and Jen Hatmaker has basically been a dream come true.  I felt like I was sitting outside my much cooler big sister’s room and hearing her talk with her friends.

Also, I REALLY love Saturday mornings.  This is the only day of the week that the kids are allowed to watch TV before 4pm, and the slower morning is such a gift for all of us.  One of the kiddos had strep this week and was coughing all of the nights.  Her antibiotics finally kicked in and I slept so well last night, and so did she, and now I have two cups of coffee in me and the promise of a trip to HomeGoods so I really feel like things will be alright!

I hope wherever you are, your Saturday has something in it that will fill you up.  Happy weekending!