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This is a post I’m pulling from the vault of my writing…

Our girls are growing so fast.  It’s a bittersweet thing, because one part of me is looking forward to their being more independent and another part of me knows that each stage of life will bring it’s own challenges.  Right now, it’s wiping the bottom of the youngest when she needs help on the potty and wiping the tears of the oldest as she begins this stage called adolescence.  Right now it’s packing lunches for school but soon it will be packing bags for places unknown.  Time is flying and I want to make it count.  I hate when I get in these moods that keep me from enjoying my kids.  But I need to be honest and say that right now is one of those times… I feel like if I see another load of laundry or hear my name one more time I am going to assume the fetal position and just start rocking.  There are ups and downs to this motherhood thing.  Even at the most challenging times, though, I want the best for the girls.  I’ve been thinking lately, as I watch them grow and interact more with the world they live in…what is it that I want to stick?

I want them to be kind. They learn early that words can cut, and that they can cut deep.  I want them to grasp the power of their words and wield it well.  I want them to use their words to bring hope and encouragement.
I want them to accept others as they are.  When they see someone who is different than they are, I don’t want them to try to make them “the same.” I want them to see others as individuals and allow them to be who they are created to be.
I want them to embrace themselves.  I want them to be aware of their flaws and their giftings and I want them to love who they are.
I want them to be critical thinkers who engage in the world around them with wisdom.  I don’t want them to hide from this world in fear, but step into it with the power they have been given.
I want them to know that whether they marry or remain single, they are whole.
I want them to love Jesus.  Not because of tradition or because of rules, but because He is at the root of everything that is good.   He is unwavering in a shifting world, and He is the roots they need to soar.
But most of all… when they aren’t kind, when they aren’t accepting, when they don’t like themselves, when they make poor choices, feel discontent, and no matter where they are with Jesus, I want them to know their mom and dad love them.  I want them to know that we are on their side-and maybe that looks like letting them deal with the consequences of poor choices as much as cheering them on for their positive ones.   But I want them to know that we are in their corner.  No matter what, they have parents who are FOR THEM.
So maybe this list is as much for me as for them.  Because when I remember what MY goals are, it helps me with the laundry and the butt wiping and the constant noise.  Raising humans is not easy, but I am learning that sacrifice accompanies the richest experiences.  And coffee.  Coffee, too.