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I have about 15 loads of laundry to do, floors that haven’t seen a mop in about two months, bathrooms that need to be scrubbed, and the bedroom of a daughter who is at summer camp that needs to be, as my mother would say, “manured out.” (That is a fancy farming term for cleaning.) What better time to write, you know?

Let’s talk about life right now.  Sunday after church, I had approximately 2 hours to make lunch for seven and pack our eldest for her week at summer camp.  So, of course that was when a child burnt her hand on the stove and then another child actually set fire to a baked potato in the microwave.  Because also, when you’re married to a pastor, Sundays are not the Sabbath. So, we realized this child needed a quick trip to the dollar store for a few supplies before I dropped her off.  The potato was extinguished, the hand was tended to, and off I went.  We got what we needed and went out to the van, ready to sip our sodas on the way and sing along to the radio, and the van would.not.start. Hubs came and jumped it and we traded vehicles and off we went.

Monday was a needed doctor’s appointment for my husband’s grandfather (we live with his grandparents as caregivers) and getting the van towed to our garage since the battery was dead.dead.dead.  I felt like a queen as I watched my tow-guy load the van onto his flatbed and haul it off.  He even text messaged me to let me know he did my bidding, which was nice.

Last night, two children and a dog decided that our bed was the place to be. “The dog’s nose is in my butt!” was heard at 2am, and actual fighting happened between children around 4am, until actual yelling came from my mouth and actual tears from one of the kiddos. Winning all around.

Today was tutoring for a child, and a dentist appointment for Grandma.  So we loaded up grandparents and their walkers, and the two youngest and their distraction backpacks and headed for tutoring and the dentist.  I feel like we make a statement when we walk into a room.  I am not sure what that statement is, but I do feel like one is made.

We have tons of beetles flying around right now and our youngest thinks every bug she sees is a potato bug, thanks to some gardening time with my parents.  So about 60 times a day I hear, “Boy, mom. Sure are a lot of potato bugs out there.”  It makes me laugh, which is good right now.

It is during this stressful time that my husband decided to purchase salted caramel chocolate ice cream and place it in our freezer.  This is exactly the kind of food I am trying not to eat.  He looked alarmed when I told him I found something terrible in our freezer, but then had the nerve to laugh at me when he realized what I was talking about.

So, that’s life right now.  I guess I can’t really put the laundry off too much more.