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Another summer week has come and gone.  When our kids were younger, I used to struggle through summer.  It was hard to know how to handle the kiddos’ need for structure but my own need to get things done.  I can gloriously report that things do, in fact, get better as kids get older.  I’m finding that summer vacation is my favorite because I really like my kids and they are at their best when the stress of school is gone.  Moms of littles, get as angry as you want with me, but they don’t stay little long, and all of the disciplining when they are little pays off in dividends when they are pleasant as they grow.


I had to make a trip to the doctor’s office with one girlie thanks to an awful case of poison ivy. It seems that the briar patch she fell into last week when wrestling with her boy cousins was actually filled with poison.  The doctor took one look at her this morning and said, “You know when you go swimming, you’re supposed to go in a swimming pool, not a poison ivy patch.”  So, steroids and the like are scattered across our counter.  She will PUMP.YOU.UP.

The younger girls and I put some elbow grease into the free Ikea Hgynjkly storage thingy we found along the road yesterday.  It fits into their room perfectly and I just love it.  Plus, it was already assembled which is Ikea at it’s best.

Having a “normal” Saturday is so rare for us.  My husband got the lawn mowed, his dad came over and fixed our garage door for us (because this week it looked like a child had tried to do a pull-up on it while it was opened and when I asked I was assured this did not actually happen).  We grilled for dinner and kids got bathed (which they had to do because they decided splatter painting with acrylics is a good idea?)… It was a nice day.

I’m looking forward to this next week because I will not have anything to put back from the garden.  I did 63 quarts of green beans in the pressure canner this past week.  I was working on my last batch and had my chair by the stove, feet up on the counter, reading on my Kindle when my husband just walked by and shook his head a laughed.  I just said, “Aren’t you glad you married me?”  He, of course, is.