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I took a long break from Facebook and now I’m back.  I left for lots of reasons, and I shared about them in this post.  I’m back, for a few reasons.  One of them is convenience-lots of people use Facebook to stay in touch, of course.  One of them is my mom-she posts great family history stuff and I’m a nerd for those things.

But as I enter back into this land, here are my thoughts.

My offline life is infinitely richer and more complicated than what you will see on my Facebook page.  I don’t participate to be known or truly know others.  That kind of relationship can only happen offline.

Our significance can only be found offline.  Likes and laughs and loves on a status do not equal your true identity.  Online arguments and presentations of opinions do not, for me, change the world or constitute dialogue.  If I am going to actually change things, I need to look my kids in the eyes when they talk to me.  I need to love my husband.  I need to give care to the ones God has placed in my path, in my life-my husband’s grandparents, our parents and extended family, and a small handful of close friends.

There is a beautiful, God-ordained life to be lived.  That life is centered around spending time with living, breathing members of God’s creation.  It’s richest when we experience His creation wholly-getting outside, reading good books, listening to the music that He made for us to hear (whether in a studio or the birdsong), eating foods created by Him for our enjoyment…whole hearted living, and whole hearted loving.

What this lacks in efficiency it more than makes up for in experience.  This kind of living is messy and kind of hard, but some days the heart just explodes with the goodness of it all… and other days the heart leans so hard into Jesus as we wade into the brokenness of it all.

I will love my little family history lessons from mom, and I will love being connected more with out of state friends and family, but they are firmly placed in their right positions… behind the beautiful, messy offline life that God has given me.