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I’ve loved Jesus for nearly all of my life. When I was 5, I knelt down on the shaggy carpet in Mrs. Miller’s living room.  A friend from school had invited me to this Good News Club, and I received that good news wholeheartedly.  We always went to church, but I can’t recall ever receiving an invitation to Christ until that moment.  So I heard that call and it stuck. I’ve learned some things so far, and have a feeling there’s a whole lot more learning to do.

I’ve learned that leading with opinions will close more doors than it will open, and that those doors are very hard to earn the privilege to knock on again.

I’ve learned that pain and miracles can both bring me to my knees, and somehow…somehow, God is present in both of these places.  I’ve learned that, a lot of the time, listening is better than speaking.

I’ve learned that even in my messiest, most disobedient place, God was still pursuing my heart.  And that’s what gives me hope, because if He would do it for me, He will most certainly do it for another.  and another.  and another.

And I have learned, in my weariest of moments, how faithful God is to draw me to Himself.

Sometimes I still feel like that little girl kneeling in Mrs. Miller’s living room, not having a clue but going for it anyway.  Yeah, there’ve been lots of miles put on this faith over the years…some of those miles have caused some pretty serious wear and tear.  I’m grateful I didn’t know about them, or I would have avoided them.  So glad I couldn’t, and so glad I said yes all those years ago.