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We were sitting around our table with friends a few nights ago when the conversation turned to significance. There is such a push in this celebrity culture we live in to seek applause, build a platform, brand yourself, brand your lifestyle, be noticed, make an impact, leave a legacy, all of the things.

I have struggled with this. There was a time when I was writing and really wanted to be published. I had a few rejections and then a well-known blogger shared one of my pieces and the traffic to my old blog exploded. In about a week, that traffic diminished.

During a recent time of protests and marches, I was feeling disappointed that I couldn’t join with others who were making a stand. I wanted so badly to go and make my voice heard and stand together.  But kids and school and grandparents and well, it just couldn’t happen. At that time, another friend encouraged me by reminding me of the importance of what I am living day in and day out within our four walls.

And around our table, the conversation a few days ago brought me back to that point. So, listen while I tell you what I need to tell myself often…

Loving the people you are with-THAT is significant. Maintaining your walk with Jesus, choosing daily to choose Him-THAT is significant. Remaining faithful and committed to your spouse, putting in the hard work of actual love-THAT is significant.

The most significant things you will do are things that you will likely never get a thank-you for and perhaps no one else will ever see. It’s easier to make a poster for a cause and march than it is to make a poster at 10pm with a child who “forgot” about their project. It’s easier to chant down a street than it is to hold my tongue at home.

And even more-the reason I can hold my tongue at all or do the work of a mom-the deepest significance I have is through Jesus. No performance of my own qualifies me, it’s through grace alone. It all flows from Him, and is through Him. Praise be to God.