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Well, we were away.  My in-laws bless us greatly with a vacation each summer and this year we were at the beach.  It was wonderful, and glorious, and all of the things that are good.  Our lives are fairly hectic, so to get away is HUGE.  I was able to spend one on one time with each of our girls, and so was my husband.  School starts in a week, and I wanted to end this summer strong.  Our oldest is in middle school this year and has sports and youth group-she’s beginning her foray into this crazy world.  Our middlest is headed into second grade, and is playing sports this year as well.  Our youngest is starting half-days and doing dance, and it all feels like it’s going too fast!  It’s not that they’re perfect or I’m perfect or that we don’t yell or get frustrated with each other…it’s just that I love them so much and I love the people they are becoming and school season takes away so much time with them.  There are negatives and positives to their being away, so I will enjoy the long walks I can take, the laundry I can get done, taking Grandpa to visit Grandma without kiddos, and just the quiet.

As a young mom, I used to think school would be AWESOME.  I figured that it would mean we all get a break from each other, but that they would return happy.  The reality of it is that school is actually hard, and kind of stressful for kids. So even when you get the time away? You’d better be ready to absorb the stress when they get home.  I guess I prefer stress we cause each other over the external stresses of school and sports schedules.

Anyway, vacation was everything we needed.  It’s a big deal to get away because it always means others covering Grandma and Grandpa’s care while we’re gone.  We are so, so grateful for family who stayed here at the house and spent time with the grandparents while we were gone.  Respite is good for the soul.

We have one more week til school and, while I wish it was filled with fun stuff, it’s just looking like a mad dash for the finish.  We have some shopping to do-despite my best intentions, I couldn’t get everything I needed online for school supplies.  We have hair appointments and I have reams of paperwork that was due last week while we were on vacation.  We have sports equipment to buy and lunch foods to prep and also an eclipse to survive.

I always made fun of those moms that got all sad at the end of summer but it looks like I’m turning out to be one of them.  How did your summer go?  Any vacations or staycations?  Love to hear what your thoughts are!