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So, school is back in session.  All three are at the same school, and all three are involved in extracurriculars.  Every single day, these young people of ours hand me paperwork and expect me to do something about it.  Like, read it.  And sign it.  And I wonder…how long do I have to skim it to make it look like I’ve actually read it?  Also, I hope I haven’t promised anything crazy by signing.

I shared in another post that I was doing the capsule wardrobe thing for the kids, and two weeks into the year, I am pleased to say it’s been a great choice!  The kids always have something to wear that matches and I don’t have loads of laundry.

I have a deeper well to pull from this school year-I don’t think I understood how much depression affected me last year.  Little things, like packing lunches and even the paperwork or the after-school information download, don’t feel so overwhelming.  I love that I am able to be more present and helpful for our kids.

My husband, meanwhile, is the homework ROCKSTAR.  Our middlest strruggles with spelling and reading, and he has been the absolute best at working on things with her every night.  I love it.  I love him.  Today is our 11th anniversary!  He’s away with a bunch of youth leaders this weekend leading a retreat for them.  I’ve been running around to soccer and volleyball and the rehab home (for Grandma).  My anniversary dinner tonight may consist of leftovers I eat after the kids are in bed because silence is the only gift I need.  Amen?

I feel like things around here are demanding, but good.  I haven’t written in awhile for lots of reasons.  I have many politically related thoughts I am swallowing and not sharing because I’m working on being a unifier.  I have many theologically related words I am weighing before I write them out for others to see.  And also, I am just so exhausted.  Not a bad exhausted-been there, know what that feels like.  An accomplished exhausted.

Launching kids is the real test of what we try to enforce around here, and while we have good days and bad days, good choices and bad choices, I’m ultimately really proud of our kiddos and love seeing them step out.  I’m praying for boldness for them this year, and I’m praying that for myself, too.  Also, every night I pray over the girls.  “Jesus, we know that You have not given ________ a spirit of fear, but You have given ________ the spirit of power and love and a strong mind.  We receive those things for her and are so grateful for Your work in _______’s heart and life.”

What I am finding is that I have to be ok with “good enough” in certain areas.  The floor needs cleaned, but at least the laundry is done and folded and put away.  Good enough.  The dishes need done but right now my child needs me to listen to her.  Dishes can sit for awhile, even until the next day.  Good enough.  We like to make family dinners a priority but our schedules rarely allow for me to make a big meal right now.  Ham and cheese three ways this week (on a pretzel roll, wrapped in crescent rolls, grilled ham and cheese) but sitting around the table together? Good enough.  Getting out the door a few minutes late because I knew yelling wasn’t going to help but patience would?  Good enough.

Keep at it, mamas and papas.  Back to school is no joke!