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A few years ago, my husband and I read a smart book by Bob Goff that changed the way we chose to parent.  It’s not a parenting book, but in Love Does Bob talks about creating capers and making memories with his kids, allowing them to explore the world, and being intentional and fun. My husband creates fantastic obstacle courses for our kids at any playground we are at.  Five times around the merry-go-round, down the slide, around the tree, make some coffee in the playhouse, and back to mom or dad.  He does the same thing in our backyard, or in a boring parking lot while waiting.

One time, on the way back home after picking a friend up for a sleepover, I mentioned getting a picture of the kids and my daughter said, “That’s my mom, always wanting to make memories.”  One of the best things she could have said about me!  It’s more of a struggle for me to put aside laundry or meal prep to do fun things, but my husband really encourages me to that end.  I’ve learned that our girls love to bake and deliver their products to our neighbors. When we were at the beach this summer, something our oldest loved was just late night walks on the boardwalk.  Our middlest loved early morning bike rides on the boardwalk, just taking in the beach life and dodging the people as we rode.  We didn’t do anything crazy, just made space to experience life with our kids.  My husband made it a point to do something fun with each girl while we were they and they cherish those times.

I can sometimes have a hard time with just enjoying the moment… On a recent trip to our cabin, I wanted to get our family out on a short hike but one child’s boots didn’t fit anymore and another child didn’t feel like it and I was just forging on ahead.  After about 10 minutes of misery, and with the help of my husband, I realized that I was more interested in the hike than in making memories with the kids.  It wasn’t awesome, but it was a great lesson for me.

What are some ways that you create memories with your kids?  How do you make the time in your schedule to be intentional with them?  I’d love to hear from you!