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People sometimes ask me when I’m going to write a book.  One of Josh’s uncles has self-published a few books and has offered to help me do the same.  Others have said they would read it.  The whole process seems daunting, and then there’s the idea of simply starting.  I have no idea how in the world to begin.  But here’s the thing-I know that if ever the Lord wanted me to write a book, I would have a fire to do it and those things would happen.

Bigger than all of these things, though, is my own thought that there is really nothing new under the sun.  There are so many books about so many things, so many words sitting on shelves, waiting to be read.  What more do I really have to say?

There was a time that I read every.single.thing. I could get my hands on.  I read Brennan Manning, Donald Miller, Augustine, John Eldredge, Lucado, Nouwen, Cloud and Townsend, Rick Warren, and scores of others that have not stood the test of time.  I was looking for someone to tell me something that would unlock the secrets of this life, help me along the way, and tell me what it the world I was supposed to be doing. Guys, each of those books were important and helped me and I have recommended them to different people at various times.  It was certainly better for me to read them than Chopra or Tolle or any of those guys.

Ultimately, though, I was looking for someone to identify with, someone whose life experience would match mine and then I’d have a blueprint for how to succeed.  Guess what?  That never happened.  It turns out God has His own unique plan for my life, and while it parallels others, it doesn’t exactly match them.  I can read the stories of those I parallel- infertility, adoption, being a pastor’s wife, mom of all girls-but their’s will never be mine.

My desire to read the stories of others has diminished as my desire to live out the one God has for me has increased.  There is still value to it, and I’ll even be promoting a book for Jamie Ivey in the coming months.  Hers is a story that is parallel to so many women I know, but unique to her-and I think this book will give others a desire to know Jesus more deeply.

I don’t know about writing a book-I have no idea what it would be about, how to structure it, or what I would have to add to the conversations going on.  I would only encourage each of you to dive into scripture before anything else, live with passion the life God has for YOU, and run that race with purpose and power given by the Holy Spirit. I am a firm believer that God has amazing things for us in each day, if we choose to see them.  He’s there in all of it, and has an unfolding story of grace for YOU.