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This past week has been a busy one.  I decided that this school year, my biggest priorities were going to be home and the school.  Our kids attend a private school and there’s often a need for volunteers, so I decided that would be where I focused a lot of energy.  First of all, though, our home.  First the hubs, then the kiddos, and Grandma and Grandpa.  The immediate needs shuffle back and forth between the last two, and they each take priority as needed.  This was a week when all of the above were needing priority.

Sometimes you think you’re doing a halfway decent job of parenting when BANG-you get a nice little reality check and realize some housekeeping is in order.  It was a week of buckling down and reprioritizing in order to meet the needs of our kids.  Some things have had to shift and change, and so here we are in the shifting and changing.  Grandma also came home from the rehab facility this week, and while in many ways this is a HUGE relief, there’s still the transition of this.  A few new routines are needed to accommodate her, and so here’s we are in the transitioning and accommodating.  This was also a heavy ministry week for my husband.  As was the week before, and next week will be as well.  Extra nights out, not a day off, and supporting him as best as I can.  So here we are in that, too.

I chaperoned a field trip on Tuesday with our 8 year old and her class and while it was fun, let me just tell you that I came home and immediately put on pajamas.  After a week full of changes and people, this introvert is about overflowing.  If you see me and I refuse to make eye contact, please don’t take it personally.  It’s just that I have no more words.  Other than these, obviously.  But you’re not looking at me and expecting a conversation so this works well.  See how an introvert thinks?  I’m sorry for all of us.

I just took a nap.  I’m drinking coffee.  I’m making soup for supper.  These are things that help me.  I went out to get a walk in earlier this week because these are good for my mental and physical health, and my next-door neighbor asked me if I don’t ever sit down.  So I said, “Every night around 8:30!  Unless there’s laundry or Grandma and Grandpa need something or whatever and then it’s closer to 10.”  I don’t think he actually wanted those details.

I really love Mondays, because everyone is ready for school and routine and I’m ready for a quieter house but it turns out tomorrow is some holiday so we don’t have school.  I have feelings about that.

I thought about writing a whole lot this week and was looking for ways God was working so I could be thinking through them and sharing them, but all I got was “SURVIVE.”  So, that’s what this week was about.  Surviving and getting things done.

For my fellow mommas holding down the forts, I raise my coffee mug to you.  Here’s to a good nap or a funny show or a great book or whatever it is that you need today to lighten you up.  School is back in session on Tuesday.