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Our cupboards are getting bare.  Sometimes life is so busy that sitting down and menu planning and making a list that follows the flow of the grocery store (a little OCD but it’s what I do!) just doesn’t happen.  Sometimes, I quick buy some chicken at the store and figure I can Macgyver the rest.  Sometimes, I praise the Lord for the pancake mix I forgot I had in the pantry (ahem, last night).  And sometimes, Pizza Town.

I have three options for grocery shopping.  Over the summer, I did a lot of Costco.  With everyone home and all of the trips we were taking, Costco was great.  Also, it got us out of the house and the kids a cheap lunch.  If we hit it at the right time, they were so full from the samples that we didn’t even need the pizza at the end. Now that we’re back in school, the drive to Costco followed by the unloading and putting away without any of the kids to help just takes too long.  I will make a trip now and again to stock up on what we need for Grandma and Grandpa, but that’s about it. It’s a shame, because I really feel like some kind of big deal at Costco, surrounded by copious amounts of anything I could ever want and everything I didn’t know I need.

Our other option is Horning’s, a Mennonite operated discount grocery store.  I love it there, but I can’t go with a list!  It’s so hit or miss. I like to play a game in my head, where the entire store is like a Chopped basket and I just have to figure out how to make it work.  This has left me with large quantities of turnips rotting in our fridge BUT THEY WERE LOCAL AND ONLY COST ME 25 CENTS.  Also, the deli line.  It can get brutal back there but it’s worth it for my one pound of John F. Martin smoked turkey breast, chipped please.

The option I’ve been using too frequently lately is the BG’s.  I love BG’s.  I love seeing everyone I know there (most of the time).  I love that they have Good N’ Plenty right inside the door.  But I bet they get tired of seeing me three times a week because I forgot the sour cream and then also remembered needing crackers and lettuce and coffee and oh yes, crescent rolls and yogurt.  I mean… geez.  This is why I need the flow chart based list and the menu planning.

Where do you fall in this?  Are you a Costco shopper?  What’s your favorite sample?  (Mine is the Palmetto Pimento Cheese… but I will never buy it because hello jeans I like to wear.)  Do you have a weird way of organizing your list?  Can you believe I wrote an entire post on grocery shopping?  I can…I’m procrastinating because the kitchen needs to be cleaned up.